Teacher explains why children should never hand out birthday invites in class 7 months ago

Teacher explains why children should never hand out birthday invites in class

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Feeling isolated as a child is one of the worst feelings.

Growing up is hard enough without feeling like you don't belong.

Many of us will remember the days when we weren't included in playground games or when we were chosen last for a team in P.E.

Being left out can have a terrible impact on you mentally and it's something all parents should be aware of.

One teacher has warned parents about why they should never let their children hand out invites in class.

We all know organising a birthday party comes with a host of stresses, but this is one step you should strike off your list.

If every child in your son or daughter's class isn't invited to the party then refrain from handing out invitations in front of others.

A teacher explained that children who aren't invited feel like "they didn't win the popularity contest this year".


She said it should be left out of the classroom.

The teacher explained that parents need to realise this act can take attention away from other pupils. It can make others feel worth less than their peers.

"They're acting like these kids think the world is sunshine and roses, and everything revolves around them," she explained on TikTok.

"I have students who live in cars. I have students who have dead parents. I have students who don't know where their next meal is coming from. A lot of times, it's the students with the hard home lives who have trouble socialising and making friends aren't invited to the birthday."

The teacher stressed that invites should be delivered outside of school hours.

You wouldn't discuss a party in front of an adult who wasn't invited so why do parents think it is okay to subject children to this horrible, isolating feeling?