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27th Sep 2023

Parents left divided by teacher’s strict bathroom rules for her students

Sophie Collins


People have been left furious after a parent posted a note sent home by her child’s teacher online.

It detailed a very strict bathroom ticketing system, that would see kids only allowed to leave the class three times per month.

We have all been in the situation where a teacher has said no to using the bathroom during a class.

However, this particular teacher described in a Reddit post has gone as far as to only allow her pupils to use the bathroom three times a month on her time.

The note issued to each parent reads: “Bathroom ticket. Three tickets per month. Must ask [teacher’s name] to use the bathroom and hand in a ticket. Leaving the classroom without permission automatically uses a ticket.

“[Teacher’s name] will check your name off when you use a ticket and document how long you’re gone. Note: You may not use another classmate’s ticket and these tickets do not roll over.”

The system has sparked outrage on Reddit, as users comment on how “unfair” it is for students with bladder issues or young girls who unexpectedly come on their periods.

Lots of parents have been responding in anger over the incredibly strict rules and one even revealed the advice from her family doctor on the topic.

“School admins now require a doctor’s note on my kids file to allow her to go while on period. It took six weeks to get an appointment.

“The doctor advised us to not only change schools but move to a different school district.”

However, another parent pointed out that kids can learn to use the bathroom in between classes.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Have your kids been through something similar in their school?