Mum has perfect response when people complain about her son's 'girly' shoes 4 years ago

Mum has perfect response when people complain about her son's 'girly' shoes

You tell them.

Mum-of-two Michaelle Kinney was left in a rage the other day when she took a trip to the garage with her son.

Michaelle's son, Boo, asked her if he could wear her flip flops to the shop because his were wet. Michaelle said yes.

And why shouldn't she?

Yet, when they got to the garage, one lady clearly had an issue with the glittery beads on Michaelle's flip flops.

This lady muttered under her breath about how boys shouldn't wear girls' clothing and that "little boys should be made to be little boys."

Michaelle could hardly hold back her anger. She stayed silent in the shop but had to let out her frustration in a Facebook post after she discovered that the lady's comments had impacted her son.

The day after the incident, Boo said to her:


"It hurts me when people talk bad about me because I'm wearing girl shoes but I like your shoes, mom."

Michaelle instantly assured him that being himself was the most important thing.

"I explained to him that it doesn't matter what anybody else says or how anybody else feels about what he wears but that what matters is that he is comfortable and he is happy that he is the one that has to wear them and not them their opinion doesn't matter and their opinion isn't going to matter not now not ever."

The mum considered the double-standard of dressing young boys and girls.

Girls are given much more rein in what they are allowed to wear and tomboys are completely accepted. But little boys who want to wear more "girly" clothes are made fun of or looked down on.

Michaelle compels people to let kids be kids in the years they have before the harshness of the real world does its work.

She finishes off the post by insisting:

"I don't mind sharing my shoes with either of my children and will continue to allow my children to wear whatever they want as long as they are clothed properly."

Preach it, Mama.