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04th Jul 2023

HerFamily readers reveal the most ‘ridiculous’ questions they were asked while pregnant


During pregnancy, it’s natural for those around you to have plenty of questions about how you’re doing, when you’re due and how far along you are.

However, there are also times that you will be posed with the most ridiculous questions, some funny and some you may find rude.

We asked HerFamily readers to tell us about some of the funniest and worst questions they’ve been asked.

Here’s what they had to say:

Several made light of the silly questions they were asked, as one woman wrote: “On my 4th pregnancy, (I already had 3 boys) I remember people actually saying ‘jesus what will you do if it’s another boy’ I remember replying to one person with…well I’ll leave him in the hospital obviously.”

Another was asked: “Was it on purpose,” before adding a laughing emoji.

A third said someone joked with her, saying: “You’re sisters pregnant at same time ‘yis must of planned it did yis.’”

However, others were not pleased with the questions posed to them during their pregnancy at all.

One woman said she was asked: “Are they IVF babies when I said I was expecting twins,” while a second mum said she was asked: “Were they natural”.

Another said she was pregnant with her fourth baby and questioned with: “‘What? Pregnant again. Was it on purpose’.”

She then said: “People can be so rude and think their comments don’t cause offence.”

A fourth wrote: “‘You can’t get much bigger, how long is a pregnancy?’ This was my first child, I was a very thin with just a bump. But I was only 6 months pregnant.”


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