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06th Sep 2023

Mum of two admits she ‘hates motherhood’ and is praised for her honesty

One mum has kickstarted an incredibly honest debate online after revealing she hates motherhood.

Mum-of-two Priscilla explained that when she had children she felt like she lost her sense of self.

“Being a new mom… your kids kind of push you to evolve past the person you are, the person you could be and that puts you in a very uncomfortable position.

“It really teaches you that you need to be really present and very aware in the moment with your kids.” She shared that if she ever stops to think ahead or to wonder about something her kids start ‘acting up’.

She knows that by crying or pulling at her leg, her kids are trying to communicate with her and show her they need her, but the mum explained that like any major change in life, there are hard moments.

She admitted that the constant need to adapt and be flexible is something else she dislikes about motherhood. “If you’re scared of change then it is not going to be fun for you.

Priscilla shared that she isn’t the person she used to be and finds it hard.

“I don’t like the same things, I don’t want the same things, but I don’t really know where to stand or where I’m going.”

She explained that she doesn’t see herself as “a human who has goals and dreams”.

Priscilla added, “I don’t see myself there yet because I’m not there yet.”

She added that the lack of me time is tough. “Before my kids I used to love spending time with myself, it was all about me.”

Priscilla is a mum to an 11-month-old and a 2-year-old so me time isn’t something she gets to enjoy anymore.

“I can’t pee by myself, I can’t shower by myself. I don’t get any time to myself and it really bugs me.”

Priscilla explained that if she has to force herself to make time for self-care then she won’t because she always puts her kids first, but it is something she is trying to work on.

She added that one of her goals is to try make more time for herself so she can discover who she is before her kids grow up and she is alone again.

Being a mum has affected every aspect of Priscilla’s life from her financial independence, her relationship to her social skills, but the mum said patience, being present and consistency will help her get over these hurdles.

Her viewers have praised her for being so open and honest about how she feels.

“Thank you so much! We need more women to speak out honestly about having kids. It’s not all candy and butterflies. I really appreciate your input,” one wrote.

“Wow, I felt everything you said. I love my children but motherhood is difficult,” another added.

One shared: “Moms need a role model like you. I choose not to have kids and I’m grateful for your honesty. You’re making a huge difference already. Thanks for being honest this is such helpful insight.”

Opening up about motherhood and the struggles that come with it in such a personal and public way takes a lot of strength. There’s no doubt many mums will seek comfort in Priscilla’s words.