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04th Sep 2023

Teacher reveals one item parents should avoid buying for back-to-school

A teacher has warned parents not to buy this item for their children.

Back-to-school season is here and we’ve been busy shopping for the new school term. Our shopping bags have been full of crayons, notebooks, new school shoes, and shirts. It’s an incredibly expensive time of year for parents and guardians, but one teacher is here to help with the back-to-school shopping.

One TikTok user has urged parents not to buy a particular item as it can get children in trouble in class.

The teacher has warned parents against buying pop-it fidget rulers because they can cause a major distraction in the classroom.

In a TikTok (@shimononono), the mum and teacher told parents to steer clear of this purchase. She said parents should stay away from this item because it will get children in trouble if they’re not focusing in class.

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“First off, it’s bendy and you wouldn’t get correct measurements. Second, it’s a distraction for other students, not just the one using it. Third, there are quieter fidgets to use besides Pop-Its.”

“Fourth, in elementary school, students trade them all the time at recess or lunch then kids go home crying to their parents that they lost their fidget,” she continued.

“Fifth, these will definitely be used as a toy and not a school supply; those two things should be separate,” she added.