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30th Aug 2019

The beautiful engagement ring trend that’s increasing in popularity right now

Keeley Ryan

Inspired by none other than Meghan Markle.

When it comes to engagement rings, some of the shapes (and colours) are definitely more popular than others – and, of course, there are always new trends emerging every year.

And while we are always going to have a soft spot in our hearts for the more classic styles, it turns out there has one particular trend that experts are predicting will be on the rise: antique cushion cut diamonds.

An antiques expert has revealed more and more Irish jewellery lovers are following Meghan Markle’s lead and going for exclusivity when they say I do.

And the thousands of attendees at Timeless, the Irish Antique Dealers Fair, will have the chance to browse the biggest collection of unique rings in the country at the RDS between September 13-15.

Antique dealer Matty Weldon of Courtville believes that Meghan’s cushion cut diamond ring, which she has recently modified, is the next big engagement ring trend.

Matty said:

“It’s a nostalgia thing with Victorian pieces being rediscovered and repurposed for the 21st century.

“Meghan’s ring is an antique cushion-cut diamond. Where modern stones are cut broadly in the same way, each cushion-cut diamond is totally bespoke and individually crafted for maximum brilliance.

“This is what people want when they are buying an engagement ring – something no-one else has with its own exclusive shape and magical charm.”

And it isn’t the only big engagement ring trend that has emerged lately.

Jeweller John Farrington of John Farrington Antiques said that he is also seeing the ‘Meghan factor’, with Victorian jewellery and fine quality coloured gemstones enjoying increasing popularity this year.

He explained:

“People are inspired by a design that a celebrity wears and we are seeing a big interest this year in fine quality coloured gemstone jewellery.

“There is also a great demand for wearable diamond necklaces, drop diamonds and other shapes that look good with a polo neck or a tee-shirt.”

Timeless is Ireland’s festival of beautiful things. Featuring the best of fine furniture, jewellery and art, the fair offers an amazing collection of items from antique to contemporary.

“The real joy of Timeless is discovering that something different, the one magical piece that makes a statement or makes a home,” said Paul Brereton, President of the Irish Antique Dealers Association. “If you are looking for something different, something unique Timeless is the place to find it.”

Along with the beautiful jewellery and art, the fair features a stunning range of furniture with everything from Louis XV armchairs to very fashionable mid-20th Century styles.


More details about the fair and tickets are available from