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16th Jan 2021

Stacey Solomon was trolled for her boys having three different dads – and here is her response

Trine Jensen-Burke

Stacey Solomon

“Woah there Wilma, it’s far too early for that kind of judgement!”

Stacey Solomon recently had to put a troll in her place after a particularly nasty comment – and don’t worry – she did so in the coolest way possible.

The 31-year-old TV presenter clearly shocked by the comment, which came after she revealed her two eldest sons had asked to stay with their dads for longer than planned over the Christmas break.

Taking to Instagram stories, Solomon wrote:

“I’m really missing the big pickles today. They wanted to stay longer at their dads and because they are doing school from home they can.”

The mum-of-three admitted that while she missed her boys, she felt happy they were so happy being with their fathers.

“I do get sad when they don’t want to come home, but I know how happy it will make their dads and I never want to stop them from having the chance to make memories with their family.

“But oh my gosh I miss them. It’s lovely for a couple of days, less mess, less noise, but then the house just feels so empty and Rex looks for them everywhere.”

Then, after this sweet update, an online troll commented:

“It must be very sad having three different dads for your boys. Always apart.

Clapping back, Solomon said her sons are the ‘best thing that’s ever happened to her’ – leading the troll to write back:

“Oh well, I suppose you are happy about it.”

Shocked, Solomon shared a screenshot of the cruel message, hitting back: “Woah there Wilma, it’s far too early for that kind of judgement and of course I am happy about it!

“They are the best thing that ever happened to me, no matter how they happened to me.”

Se dette innlegget på Instagram

Et innlegg delt av Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)

The 31-year-old added in a caption:

“Never let anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough just because things happened to work out differently from the ‘norm’.

Keep doing you the best way you know how. Unconditional love from anywhere in different shapes and sizes is all they’ll ever need.”

Solomon then went on to share some of the positive messages she received from fans and followers about blended families as she thanked them for the support.

Back before welcoming Rex in 2018, Solomon spoke to Closer magazine about having briefly felt ashamed at the idea that her boys all would have different fathers:

“I didn’t want my kids to have a negative or confusing upbringing.

“There’s a stigma about having babies with different partners.

Se dette innlegget på Instagram

Et innlegg delt av Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon)

However, she soon learned to ignore the mean comments and focus her attention on her growing, gorgeous family, adding: “My boys are incredibly loved – by me and their fathers, and by Joe, who is just another positive male role model in their lives.

“And that can only be good for them. They are so content and confident and happy.”

Honestly – we live in 2021. Imagine being such a sad individual that you feel like you have the right to comment on someone else’s family set up.