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14th Jun 2018

There’s a new Harry Potter themed baby grow and it’s beyond cute



Harry Potter fans rejoice! You can now dress your little one in a Hogwarts outfit. Yes, that’s right, complete with a cape and matching hat, you’ll have a mini Harry Potter.

The cape is detachable from the all-in-one outfit and reads, ‘Wizard in Training’, while the hat has a little lightning bolt. Meanwhile, the onesie itself has a wand embroidered onto the pocket and glasses just like Harry’s, not forgetting the all important Gryffindor tie.

Just look at how cute it is.

The baby grow is available from Asda so if you’re lucky enough to live near one you’ll be able to get your hands on it for just £8. If not, we suggest you get in touch with your friends in the UK or in Northern Ireland as it’s sure to sell out.

There are 10 Asda stores in total in Northern Ireland.