This Dad's Genius €147 Baby Cradle Could Be The Safest Yet 4 years ago

This Dad's Genius €147 Baby Cradle Could Be The Safest Yet

An innovative baby bed that mimics the feeling of being in the mother's womb has raised more than €70,000 in Kickstarter funding. 

The Crescent Womb, a flexible mesh that can be attached to any cot, was invented by Florida dad James Spencer, who claims his design also minimises the environmental risk factors associated with SIDS and Flat Head Syndrome, while helping to maintain a healthy spinal curve and ease colic.

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James says:

"Necessity is the mother of invention, at least that was the case when my daughter was born. Stella was the most amazing thing to happen to me but with this miracle came fear, the same fear that all new parents feel.

But fear is only rational if it is unavoidable and from that an idea was born. Just as a baby grows in a mother’s womb an idea began its infancy in my head. This idea became a mission, a mission to help not only my beautiful daughter Stella thrive but to also help every other beautiful new life thrive."

According to its designers, Crescent Womb "naturally supports the baby in the “fetal-tuck” or the “fetal position” which is the natural position for new born babies."


According to the website: "When you place an infant flat on their back, they instinctively curl up into the fetal tuck. Other than being the most soothing position for babies there are several health benefits associated with maintaining the fetal position:

  • Babies breathe easier and get more oxygen to developing vital organs. Easy breathing and more oxygen promote infant growth by freeing up calories and energy that can be used for development.
  • Not only does it speed up muscle development but also speeds up the development of nerve cells that control the muscles.
  • Leads to rapidly developing motor skills.
  • Helps with digestion and prevents reflux.
  • Makes it easier for babies to maintain a healthy body temperature by preventing temperature exposure to arteries. Helps hip development and prevents hip dysplasia."

More than 600 people have backed the project, with those who donated upwards of $100 due to receive the first Crescent Wombs in October. The product is currently available here.

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