42 percent of MyTaxi drivers have assisted a woman in labour 2 years ago

42 percent of MyTaxi drivers have assisted a woman in labour


Popular taxi app MyTaxi has revealed that almost half of their drivers have assisted pregnant women during labour.

42 per cent of drivers have said that they have helped women during active labour get to the maternity hospital.

The company also said that they are being used as an alternative to ambulances more and more.

A majority of drivers have had to rush patients in critical condition to hospitals and some have even had to perform first aid.

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There have been complaints by those who have called the emergency services that there are currently not enough ambulances in service.

This lack of vital emergency vehicles may be the reason why so many people are now turning to taxis as an alternative way to access medical attention.


Another reason for the spike in patients using taxis as a method of transport could also be due to location.

Many rural areas don't have hospitals close by and a taxi would get to their home much faster than an ambulance from the next town, or even next county over.

My uncle is a taxi man but as far as I know, he's never delivered any babies in the back of his car yet.

I lived five minutes away from my maternity hospital so I can't speak for how long most women have had to wait for the ambulance service to arrive, but I do know that once a baby decides they're coming, that's it.

Maybe MyTaxi should develop a maternity version of their app for all their pregnant customers, I know many a mum to be that would definitely use it.