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15th Apr 2015

A series of intimate photos captures the serene side of pregnancy

While they were sleeping

Anyone who has struggled to get a good night’s sleep while pregnant will probably relate to this captivating photo series of expectant parents.

The intimate shots will appear in a new book that will be published on May 1 and was created by Russian documentary photographer, Jana Romanova. Featuring overhead pictures of parents-to-be catching some precious Zs in the months before their babies are born, Waiting started almost accidentally in 2009 with an image that Jana took of her expectant (and sleeping) friends.

She says the publication of the book is a way of documenting time; a reason for nostalgia; a project of admiration and “evidence of really amazing people, beauty and openness”.

The pictures certainly take me back to the days of not just trying to get comfortable with a gigantic bump, but also the hours of endless sleeping in preparation for the big arrival. Although I wouldn’t have agreed to being photographed in this position – it would not have been pretty, people.

You can hear Jana talk more about the project in this video; including how she had to wait in the couple’s home for them to fall asleep, before quietly climbing a step ladder to the shot. All with their permission, of course.


Here are a few pics from her collection…