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14th Mar 2016

10 Adorable Baby Boy Names That Are Equally Perfect For Your Baby Girl

If you want to aim for the coolest baby name on the block, you have got to do a little gender bending.

These days, everything from clothes to toys are getting the gender neutral make-over, and even naming your children based on their gender is becoming a little yesteryears.

If this sounds like a route you want to go down, here is our pick of our favourite boy names for girls:

1. Wyatt

The all-American name Wyatt has strong link to classic Western movies and is about a cool a moniker as one can bestow upon a child, boy or girl. Oh, and expect it to be trending in the charts really soon, as this is the name Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher ended up choosing for their little baby girl.

2. Reese

Reese is just a super-pretty, formerly male name that, according to Nameberry, has “propelled in mass girl’s popularity over the past few years.” Oh, and then there is Reese Witherspoon, of course, who could not be cuter and more awesome if she tried, which kind of makes us love this name even more.

3. Maxwell (Max)

We love this name for little boys, but it’s slowly becoming a popular girl’s name too. (Thanks, Jessica Simpson!)

4. Lou

A lot of creative and inspiring people have been called Lou throughout history, and we think this traditionally male name is equally fabulous for little girls.

5. Ryan

While this isn’t a super-common girl name – yet – think about how cute the shortened version “Ry” sounds. You see!

6. Sam

Sam is a shortened version of the Hebrew name Samuel, meaning “sun child” or “bright sun,” making it rather perfect for your own little ray of sunshine, no?

7. Drew

Drew is a British boy name, said to have originated as the Greek Andrew, then been shortened. But don’t be fooled – it is equally fitting for your little girl. Just think of Drew Barrymore.

8. Dylan

While still riding high in the charts as a favourite name for boys, Dylan is also gathering steam as a female moniker. Sean Penn and Robin Wright firmly etched this boy name onto a girl’s birth certificate when they named their daughter Dylan.

9. Harley

While the motorbike namesake of this name might make it feel a little masculine, we think Harley is also all sorts of sweet as a little girl’s name.

10. Jamie

Plenty of famous (and not-so-famous) men rock this popular name, but when you think about it, Jamie would also make the sweetest moniker for your brand new baby girl, no?

What do YOU think, guys? Would you give your little girl a name that traditionally was given to boys? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie