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08th Jul 2017

11 slightly different (but seriously gorgeous) baby boy names

Would you opt for any of these?

Trine Jensen-Burke

When I was pregnant with my little boy, I was convinced ‘he’ was a ‘she’ all the way up until the midwife placed him, all naked and oh-so-new, in my arms. All 10lb 1 oz of him.

Which, of course, meant that I had only baby girl names picked out, and hadn’t offered a whole lot of thought to what I would call a boy.

Now, don’t judge me – I do know that roughly half of all babies born are indeed boys, it is just that in my family, all we have are girls. As in; I have one sister. My mother has one sister. My sister has two little girls. And I had at that stage already had my girl #1 – and was convinced I was about to give birth to another one.

And then this gorgeous, big-eyed, creamy skinned little boy arrived, with his dark hair and his pouty lips and literally tilted all my ‘I am a girl mama only’ notions upside down. I was head over heels within seconds.

And so the name hunt began – all I knew was that it needed to match up somewhat to my little girl’s somewhat unusual name, and that I wanted it to end in ‘a.’

After an intense 48-hours we (well, me mostly) had his name picked – Luca Phoenix. I loved it then, and love it even more now. It is a nod to my obsession with fashion and interiors and my husband’s love affair with Italian food (Luca Missoni is the creative director of Missoni, the eponymous Italian fashion house). And Phoenix simply because my little girl also has two names, and, to be honest, because I am obsessed with names that have the letter ‘x’ in them.

After my intense name hunt that time three years ago  I have become rather obsessed with cool baby boy names, and now cannot help but “collect” amazing names whenever and wherever I see them. If you are on the hunt for a name for your very own little boy, here are 11 more names I think are all sorts of amazing:

1. Caspian

I love how fresh this name sounds!

2. Lincoln

History buffs will dig the presidential reference, of course, and the name is kind of unisex too – in fact, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard used it for their baby girl.

3. Orion

This old astronomy and mythological name also sounds all kinds of new and cool.

4. Sebastian

Greek origins, but wildly popular for little boys in Scandinavia.

5. Wilder

Defined as “to cause to lose one’s way,” it doesn’t get much more bad boy than this.

6. Miller

It might be more commonly known as a surname, but I think Miller is just all sorts of lovely as a first name too.

7. Cassius

LOVE this name.

8. Maximus

You can call him ‘Max’ for short, which, obvs, is all sorts of adorable.

9. Chance

Its English this name origins translate to “good fortune,” which is a pretty sweet name to have, no?

10. Harley

Yet another unisex choice that will suit your little boy just as well as it would suit a little girl.

11. Sage

How fabulous a name is Sage, I ask you?! I mean, it is, of course, a herb and has been around for absolute every, yet it still has a super-modern ring to it. No wonder it is currently climbing in the charts both in the US and this side of the pond as well.

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