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29th Mar 2021

12 unusual (but gorgeous) baby names none of your friends have used

Hurry, before someone you know picks one of these before you get a chance to grab it!

Trine Jensen-Burke

unusual baby names

We are more than a little obsessed with baby names over here…

There is no denying that while many still opt for traditional and classic sounding names for their new bundles, more and more parents wants a name for their newborn that really stands out. What is really interesting (for us baby name nerds, anyway) is to try and predict what the future holds when it comes to picking a baby name.

In honour of all these little futuristic babies, we have taken the liberty to come up with a few very modern suggestions, gathered from the wide and infinite internet. Welcome to the future:

1. Zenia

We are talking Generation Z, after all, making us think any names containing the rather tricky letter ‘Z’ will be popular…

2. Kali

Cute, but be warned, Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction…

3. Indigo

The phrase “Indigo children” was coined way back in the 60s and 70s, and refers to the idea that colour was a universal language that bound people together. It’s pretty hippie-inspired, and we think that when Generation Z has babies, they will love the retro vibe of this name.

4. Jago

Jacob has been a bit of a multi-national winner when it comes to boy names the last few years, but we think that maybe Generation Z will want to put their own little modern spin on things, and go for the more dashing ‘Jago’ instead.

5. Story

Social media, of which Generation Z are obviously big users, is in so many ways about telling your own story, and we think that this (rather unisex) name will be of liking to these modern-day mamas.

6. Coast

Mother Nature will seem so mystical and alluring to these digital-first people, and so we think it will continue to be of great inspiration when it comes to picking a name for their little bundles.

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7. Wolfe

Children born today will never know a world without technology, and because of the huge role this will play, we like to think that nature and the idea of it will become both important and nostalgic to Generation Z, something that might cause a surge in popularity for baby names inspired by the animal kingdom, as well as flora and fauna.

8. Captain

Strong, leader-minded millennials will love this moniker, we feel.

9. Aura

The rather mystical theory that you can tell something about a person’s personality from the colour they are surrounded by (invisible, of course, to the naked eye), we think will appeal to these tech-loving, science-rooted future parents.

Plus, there is no denying that Aura is just a really adorable name too!

10. Mara

Sweet and feminine, Mara is a multicultural name (and the world will seem to have fewer borders to Generation Z and their travel-loving tots, we think).

As for meaning, Mara is a Kiswahili word meaning “a time” and could also be conceived as a geographical name, being a river flowing through Kenya and Tanzania.


11. Wynn

We love this slightly historical sounding Welsh name, and think modern-day parents might see it that way too. Heritage will hopefully matter to the next generation.

12. King

While this name might seem a little ostentatious, (and better suited for a four-legged creature, maybe), we think Generation Z will see it as a strong moniker full of rich associations (Martin Luther King, Elvis…).