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20th Jul 2019

22 names inspired by Game of Thrones that even Queen Cersei would have approved of

Keeley Ryan

There’s no denying it: Game of Thrones has taken over the world.

The book/TV series has become a global obsession (OK, mostly thanks to the HBO fantasy series) which has reached all corners of day-to-day life.

There’s been Game of Thrones homeware; Game of Thrones wine; Game of Thrones cookbooks and even Game of Thrones Monopoly.

Just to name a few things.

But it turns out that the popular series has also become inspiration for parents-to-be who are trying to pick the perfect baby name.

That’s right, the world of Westeros is just full of ideas when you’re trying to find the perfect moniker for your little one.  In fact, the characters have some really beautiful and, more often than not, unique names.

And no, they’re not all totally out there. Many are, in fact, recognisable as some twists on more traditional names.

Although, there are definitely some monikers that will make your little one stand out.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 22 – 11 for boys, 11 for girls – Game of Thrones inspired baby names that are just perfect for fans.

For girls

  • Arya
  • Myrcella
  • Roslin
  • Sansa
  • Jeyne
  • Lysa
  • Margaery
  • Catelyn
  • Shea
  • Selyse
  • Elia

F0r boys

  • Petyr
  • Benjen
  • Quentyn
  • Ramsay
  • Trystayne
  • Rickon
  • Ned (or even Eddard)
  • Kevan
  • Loras
  • Jon
  • Mace