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15th Apr 2016

20 Wonderful Baby Names Beginning with ‘W’

Sophie White

You may have noticed that baby name inspiration is one of our favourite activities around here. 

Whether I’ve got a bump to name or if I’m just collecting names for friend’s bumps and future bumps, I’m always on the look out for cute monikers for babies-to-be.

20 Wonderful Baby Names Beginning with ‘W’ for Your Burgeoning Bump:

For the girls

1. Wanda

Meaning: shepherdess; wanderer

Origin: Slavic

2. Wendy

Meaning: Literary name

Origin: This name was created by Peter Pan author, JM Barrie

3. Wilda

Meaning: To strive

Origin: German

4. Willow

Meaning: Willow tree

Origin: English

5. Wilma

Meaning: Resolute protection

Origin: German

6. Winnifred

Meaning: Blessed peacemaking

Origin: Welsh

7. Winona

Meaning: Firstborn daughter

Origin: Sioux Indian

8. Winter

Meaning: Named for the season

Origin: English

9. Wynn

Meaning: Fair, pure

Origin: Welsh

10. Willetta 

Meaning: Resolute defender

Origin: German

For the boys

1. Wayne

Meaning: Maker of wagons

Origin: English

2. Wainwright

Meaning: Wagon maker

Origin: English

3. Wolfe

Meaning: Named for the animal

Origin: Anglo-Irish

4. Waldo

Meaning: To rule

Origin: German

5. Walker

Meaning: Cloth-walker

Origin: English

6. Walt

Meaning: Army ruler

Origin: German

7. Warren

Meaning: Park-keeper

Origin: English from French

8. Wesley

Meaning: Western meadow

Origin: English

9. Wilbur

Meaning: Resolute, brilliant

Origin: German

10. William

Meaning: Resolute protection

Origin: English from German