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Baby names

27th Dec 2017

These baby names are tipped to be HUGE in 2018

Some of these are lovely.

Jade Hayden


Get on these, lads.

Babies will never go out of fashion.

However, certain baby names do.

For instance, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across a newborn being called Hank or Phillip or Mary these days.

That doesn’t mean that these names will never be popular again.

It just means that, these days, parents are more interested in calling their babies after certain fruits or reality TV stars which is absolutely fine with us.

In 2018, it is predicted that the top baby names will include the likes of Jack, Emma, Sadie, and Adam.

They’ll also include a few names that we absolutely were not expecting.

The guys over at BabyGaga have gone through the records of recent years and compiled a list of predictions for next year.

And some of them are only adorable.

Here are the predictions for top girls  for 2018:

  1. Emma
  2. Charlotte
  3. Sadie
  4. Violet
  5. Kennedy
  6. Savannah
  7. Penelope
  8. Victoria
  9. Ellie
  10. Hazel
  11. Natalie
  12. Luna
  13. Rylie
  14. Aurora
  15. Scarlett
  16. Nora
  17. Zoe
  18. Amelia
  19. Harper
  20. Stella

And here are the predictions for top boys name for 2018: 

  1. Finn
  2. Jack
  3. Atticus
  4. Oliver
  5. Theodore
  6. Reuban
  7. Dylan
  8. Corin
  9. Adam
  10. Alexander
  11. Daniel
  12. Christopher
  13. Brandon
  14. Logan
  15. Joseph
  16. Hunter
  17. Lucas
  18. Kai
  19. Jasper
  20. Isaac