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30th Jan 2023

Dad admits he hates his daughter’s name so much it makes him uncomfortable

Kat O'Connor

A dad has admitted he hates his baby girl’s name.

He explained that he and his wife welcomed her a month ago, but he has yet to tell her he hates their daughter’s name.

The couple named their little girl after the wife’s mother who sadly passed away months before she was born.

Writing on Reddit, the dad admitted he cannot stand his daughter’s moniker.

“My wife and I had our daughter a month ago. My MIL passed a few months before our daughter arrived, and my wife and I decided to name her after my MIL- Renee.”

“I kind of liked the name. I felt like it was kind of cool and interesting (the kind of name I like), and there was something classy about it.”

The dad confessed that he “genuinely hates” his daughter’s name.

“It feels so weird to call her Renee, it’s like talking to the soul of an old woman trapped in the body of a month-old baby.

“Also, every time I say it, I can just picture my crotchety old MIL, and it’s not only upsetting but just pushed the old lady name aspect.”

“My wife loves the name, and will only call her Renee. I’ve been trying to divert by calling her nicknames (Nene, Renny, etc.) but I want her to have a name. I know this comes off as super shitty, but I just hate the name!”

Many people agreed that he should be honest with his wife about how he feels.

Others said there is nothing wrong with the name and it’s a lovely way to honour his mother-in-law.

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