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Baby names

26th Jun 2019

The internet has agreed that this mum has the best taste in baby names ever

Trine Jensen-Burke

Deciding on what to name your baby can seem an overwhelming task for any new parent.

There are so many things to take into consideration, and so many options available, with parents nowadays getting their baby name inspiration from anything from celebrity babies to favourite TV shows or names that are popular in other countries.

But beware. It is easy to mess this one up, especially when there are siblings involved, and according to Essential Baby there are some naming mistakes you should aim to stay well away from.

In fact, they go as far as listing a set of golden rules one should adhere to when naming your children.

Curious? Here goes:

1. The first rule is ‘no duplicate first initials’, especially when there are more than two kids involved. (Unfortunately this is a commonly broken rule after the Kardashians inspired thousands to jump on board with first name alliteration.) But seriously; just stay away.

2. The second rule is that all names should ‘end in a different sound’ and make sure ‘none of them rhyme.’ Even how tempting it can be to make it sound “cute.”

3. Names should also be of a ‘consistent’ style where each name ‘upholds a slightly left-of-usual traditional feel.’

4. Tempting as themes can be, you should avoid naming your children after places or flowers.

5. Do not name them after a celebrity. Seriously. Just don’t.

6. Don’t choose strange spellings.

According to the website, a 23-year-old mother from Perth in Australia is currently being hailed for having picked “perfect” baby names and having the most ‘well-named sibset’ in Australia.

In fact, Chloe Dunstan have managed to come up with six(!) great baby names in just three years after having three boys and a set of triplets – two boys and a girl.

Say hello to Otto, Rufus, Henry, Evan, Pearl and Felix.


The busy mum-of-six managed to pick all six names while sticking to the above rules. And not only do the names sound gorgeous on their own, they also complement each other while still being completely unpredictable – a rare feat when naming five babies of the same sex. She also made sure they were all two syllables and had five letters or less so they ‘flowed together nicely.’

The eight-month-old triplets are named Henry, Rufus and Pearl, while their three older brothers are Evan, three, Otto, two and Felix, one.

Despite Ms Dunstan’s baby names following every golden rule of naming, she revealed to Essential Baby her very own simple set of rules.

“When naming my babies I just wanted names I really loved; names that were simple. I love older-style names with a modern quirky vibe,’ she said.


What do YOU think? Do YOU love these baby names? Would you stick to “rules” when naming your babies, or just go with what you love? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie

(Images via Chloe Dunstan/chloeandbeans/Instagram)