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Baby names

22nd Oct 2018

Mum wants her baby’s initials to spell out a very unfortunate word

Jade Hayden

baby's initials

Oh dear.

Naming your baby is difficult.

You want to pick something that suits them, that’s unique, that they won’t get slagged over, and that doesn’t lend itself to spelling out very unfortunate words.

The word in question here is, rather unfortunately, LIAR.

Yeah. Not exactly the best start to life.

Taking to parenting forum, Mumsnet, a mum questioned whether giving her daughter these initials would be risky.

She wrote:

“Initials spell LIAR.

“Just that really. If we use the middle name we want our dd will have initials which spell “LIAR”.

“To add to it her first name also rhymes with/ sounds a bit like “Liar”. Would this put you off? The middle name in question has special significance for us so we want to use it if possible.”

So, the child is pretty much going to be called Liar Liar? Cool.

While some users were like “yeah that’s a totally grand name to give your child,” others were slightly more concerned.

“You cannot give her the initials LIAR! How can you seriously be considering that?” said one person. “What if, just one example, she wanted to go into politics in the future – can you imagine the field day the press would have with that?”

Very true.

“Don’t. Poor kid. Drop a middle name,” said another.

“Nope, sorry I wouldn’t do it,” said someone else. “Either add another middle name, change middle name or don’t use one.”

It remains to be seen whether the mum will take this advice on board.

We hope she does, truly.