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Baby names

23rd Feb 2018

Mums share the baby name ideas they had to scrap after noticing one simple thing

There’s a lot of things to think about when trying to decide on a name for your bundle.

And no, we’re not only talking about the first name – you need to consider how the whole name will sound together.

While many parents think they have picked out the magical moniker for their little one, all it takes is someone pointing out a possibly awkward nickname for things to change.

Some new mums have taken to the parenting website Kidspot to share some of the names that they had been considering – and why they didn’t make the cut.


One mum explained that she had always wanted to name her future son Jack.

Only, she ended up marrying someone with the surname Russell – so it didn’t quite work out.

And another mum’s idea of naming her child Ronald was quickly axed, after it was pointed out that the little boy was be Ronald McDonald.

A different mum wrote:

“I really wanted to call my daughter Skye but husband said no way!”

Meanwhile, one mum said she was going to call her son Harrison – but she “couldn’t bring myself to do it with the last name of Potter.”

Another little one was almost bestowed the name Ewan Mee.

One of the mums explained that while she like date name Xavier, she wasn’t too keen on her son’s possible nickname.

She explained:

“I always liked Xavier but couldn’t use it for my son because he would be X Rae (x-ray).”