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29th Sep 2019

These regular Irish baby names are more likely to become billionaires

Olivia Hayes

Are you among the list of millionaire or billionaire names?

While we would all love to win the Lotto, or make an abundance of cash in our day jobs, some of us are just not that lucky and will never make millionaire-status.

Yes, we may have to give up our dreams of buying out Brown Thomas and sailing along the Caribbean; but being able to afford rent in Dublin will make us happy enough, right?


Well, it turns out that people who have certain names are more likely to be millionaires… so you know, you might want to look out for the Johns and Marias in your friends group.

According to research by, having a certain names means you will have more financial benefits in the future.

The company compiled data from around the world and found that of all the millionaires in the world, people with the names Maria, Judy, Sofia, Anna and Victoria as well as John, David, Thomas, Wang and Bill are more affluent than others.

However, going one step further, the company also wanted to find out what names become billionaires.

Among the list for women are Elizabeth, Abigail, Kim, MacKenzie and Kirsten, while for men; Charles, Michael, Robert, Mohammed and Jim came out on top.

Aaron Harpin, founder of, said: “Earlier this year, we revealed the top millionaire-making baby names for expectant parents and after such a positive response back, we wanted to make a list that takes it one step further – billionaire baby names!”

If only our names were on the list…