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24th Sep 2019

10 seriously gorgeous baby boy names to steal from France

Trine Jensen-Burke

When it comes to chic, nobody will ever beat the French.

Not only are their homes and wardrobes more often than not a testament to their innate super-stylishness, but were you aware that they also have the most amazing baby names going for them?!


And just to prove it to you, we went on a French baby-name hunt to track down the most gloriously elegant and unique monikers the country has to offer.

Here are our 10 favourite French baby boy names ( watch this space for the upcoming list of French girl names as well).

1) Maxime

We already adore Max and Maximus, but this French version is just so chic.

We also like the fact that this name can actually be used a girl’s name too – a great nod to the gender-neutral trend. While it’s more common in France for men, we think it’s a super-edgy and chic girl’s name too.

2) Quentin

Does your mind automatically go to Quentin Tarantino? Yeah, us too, but, as it turns out, lots of famous and semi-famous people have shared this moniker.

President Theodore Roosevelt named his son Quentin, and illustrator Quentin Blake is well-known for his work in all the Roald Dahl children’s books.

3) Zenon

Zenon means ‘Receiver of Life’ and is a super-cool name for your little guy. We think any name beginning with a ‘Z’ will pretty much guarantee him instant street cred!

4) Etienne

If you like the classic ‘Stephen’, then you’ll love this French version. Proof that everything sounds better in French, right?!

5) Henri

We are already fans of the English Henry, but the pronunciation and spelling of the French version is way cuter.

6) Kylian

A Frenchified version of Cillian, we think Kylian is yet another example of how the French are just winning at everything.

7) Leandre

This name means ‘Lion’ in French, and we think it oozes of Gallic charm.

8) Sébastien

Sébastien is a name that comes with a ton of history and has been a popular boys’ name ever since the 3rd century. It is also all sorts of cute when shortened to Seb or Bastian!

9) Loïc

If you want your child to stand out with a distinctive name, then you’ve found it right here. Loïc is the Breton form of Louis, and we sort of love the fact that nobody can shorten it for you.

10) Sevan

Sevan is a unisex name in France and will work equally well for boys and girls. (Again, let us mention that gender-bender names are SO hot right now!)

What do YOU think, guys?! Would you go Gallic when looking for some name inspo? Or stick to some stunning Irish names instead? Tweet us at @Herfamilydotie

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