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02nd Jan 2022

Winter baby: 10 beautiful baby names perfect for anyone born in January

Trine Jensen-Burke

January baby names

Welcome to all the winter babies

If you are due this month, it might be a sweet idea to name your baby after the time of year they were born. Especially as there are so many beautiful choices for winter babies.

Don’t believe us? Take a look:

1. Nova

A name that literally means ‘new’ is perfect for a new year’s baby, no?

2. Aster

This Greek name meaning star feels like a perfect fit for a baby born in the cold weather months.

3. Kiah

This unique name, of Indian origin, means “new beginning.”

4. Bodhi

This name means ‘awakening’ which I think we can all agree if very fitting for the new year.

5. Winter

We just love the sound of this – and you can also spell it ‘Wynter’ should you feel like it.

6. Navin

This gorgeous name means “new, novel” and would be perfect for a first of the year baby.

7. Eira

This gorgeous moniker means ‘snow’ in Welsh.

8. Aspen

Aspen is a unisex name of natural origin that is the name of a graceful tree.

9. Alba

The words – which makes a beautiful name – means ‘white’ which is perfect for the snowy month of January.

10. Caius

Caius is a boy’s name of Latin origin that means rejoice.