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29th Jun 2021

‘A big surprise’: Mum welcomes four babies in the one year

Kat O'Connor

‘Very blessed’

One mum was stunned to discover that she was pregnant with triplets during the pandemic.

Jessica Pritchard found out her family was about to get a lot bigger just five months after welcoming her daughter Mia into the world.

Jessica and her husband are also parents to 8-year-old daughter Molly.

Speaking to South Yorkshire Live, the mum said her husband didn’t believe her when she told him the news. Due to the pandemic, Jessica had to attend her hospital appointments alone, which meant she had to deliver the surprising news to husband Harry.


“It definitely was [a big shock], although we consider ourselves very blessed.”

“I don’t think he believed me until I showed him the scan picture,” she shared.

The family grew even bigger this April when the triplets finally arrived. Jessica gave birth to two girls and one boy just 11 months after Mia’s birth.

The doting parents decided to call their newborns Olivia, Ella and George.

There’s no doubt that adjusting to life as a mum-of-five has been hard, but Jessica said it’s all about being super organised. “It’s definitely been a big surprise, but a lovely one and it hasn’t taken long to adjust at all. I’m very organised, so I just need to plan ahead – even down to clothes being laid out the evening before.”

Plus, big sister Molly has slotted into her role as big sister perfectly. “She’s such a good sister and wants to help all of the time,” her mum gushed.