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25th Jul 2018

Duchess Kate gave the SASSIEST response when asked how she lost her baby weight so fast

Jade Hayden

Oh, girl.

Look, there are plenty of things you should say to a woman soon after she’s given birth and ‘how did you lose all that baby weight?’ generally isn’t one of them.

Consider other things like ‘wow, you look great for someone who just pushed a watermelon out of your body’ or ‘the bags under your eyes aren’t half as noticeable as they were last week.’

Both acceptable, IMO.

Kate Middleton probably thinks the same thing to be honest, because when she was asked how she lost all her baby weight after giving birth to Charlotte, she didn’t exactly give the response people probably expected her to give.

Hello! magazine reports that when the Duchess was asked that question back in 2016, she turned around and just said: “I am running after my kids.”


The question was put to Kate by party guest BulBul Dhar-James, when she was visiting India in 2016 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

And while BulBul may have been looking for a genuine, honest answer, they weren’t about to get one from the Duchess.

Soz, lads.

Having recently given birth to her youngest son this year, Prince Louis, it’s probably fairly likely that Kate is being asked some similar questions all over again.

Just ask her about her recycled Zara trench coat look that you can now get in the sale for half price or something else, guys.