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Labour + birth

20th Aug 2021

The incredible images of en caul births will never not amaze us

Laura Cunningham

En Caul births are a very rare and very beautiful occurrence

An en caul birth is a rare event where your baby is born still inside its intact amniotic sac.

The sac balloons out at birth, with the baby remaining inside of the unbroken, or partially broken, membrane and it looks incredible.

Image: Photos by Lei

It’s estimate that en caul births make up less than 1% of all vaginal deliveries.

The baby is perfectly safe within the sac, which is usually ruptured manually by the midwife or doctor immediately so the baby can be examined as normal. In fact, the sac may prevent potential bruising that can occasionally occur during vaginal birth, giving your baby an extra layer of protection as it comes into the world.

Image: Antonucci Fotografia

Image: VI Photography

Birth truly is a miracle.