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07th Apr 2019

Meghan doesn’t want the Queen’s doctors to deliver her baby and yeah, fair enough

Jade Hayden

More traumatic things have happened in the world.

Some time over the next few weeks, Meghan Markle is likely to give birth.

This will be an exciting time for a lot of people including Meghan, Harry, and all the people who are up in arms about the Duchess’s birthing plan that hasn’t even been confirmed yet but seemingly doesn’t involve all of the things the royal family would like it to involve so therefore it must be horrendous, or something.

Right now, we know nothing about where and how Meghan plans to give birth. Literally nothing so really there’s no point in even talking about it.

What we do know, however, is that there’s been rumours that Meghan doesn’t want to give birth in the traditional Lindo Wing and will opt to go somewhere closer to home – and also that she apparently doesn’t want the Queen’s doctors delivering her child.

If any of the above is to be believed, here’s why Meghan doesn’t want the royal family’s traditional doctors bringing her unborn child into the world.

According to Mail Online, the Duchess doesn’t want “men in suits” delivering her baby and has therefore declined the presence of royal household gynaecologists Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston.

Instead, Meghan and Harry have chosen the services of a female doctor unaffiliated with the royal family.

“Meghan said she doesn’t want the men in suits,” a source told the publication.She was adamant that she wanted her own people.”

“It is slightly surprising,” said another. “These people are the best of the best and when it comes down to it, their role would actually be very limited in the birth itself, assuming all goes to plan.”

We’re sure it’ll all be grand, lads.

She’s got this.