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26th Mar 2018

Mum’s ‘bloody, furious’ photo shows C-section is NOT the ‘easy way out’


C-sections are not the easy way out.

Everybody here knows this, it doesn’t need explaining.

However, there are still people out there who believe that having caesarean sections are a piece of cake, less painful than a natural birth, and basically “the easy way out.”

In reality, they are of course not.

Having a C-section means your body will need a far longer recovery time, you run the risk of infection, and you may even struggle to breastfeed soon after the surgery.

Oh, and there’s a lot of pain.

Basically, not the easy way out at all.

One mum who knows this is parenting blogger Sophie McCartney.

She gave birth to her daughter via emergency C-section after 16 hours of labour and the birth was, understandably, not easy.

She shared a photo of her  daughter recently seconds after she was born to show the reality of “bloody, furious” C-sections.

Sophie wrote that a lot of her friends had the opinion that a C-section was a “magical and pain-free” alternative to a natural birth.

The new mum, however, wasn’t so sure.

She said:

“Yes, there’s a big blue sheet – but what the heck is happening on the other side of it?! Two people rummaging in your trunk as though they’ve lost their phone down the back of a sofa cushion, is unpleasant at best. And once it’s over, and you’ve gone through the horror of not being able to feel your legs for a couple of hours – what then?

“Well, regardless of it being planned or emergency – everyone is still very much in the same painful, catheter, and bloodied surgical stocking filled boat. Yes, there may be some who are ‘too posh to push’ – but no one is too posh for a suppository in the bum once that anaesthetic wears off.”

Sophie went on to detail some of the recovery process involved in C-sections, saying that having to breastfeed, change nappies, and basically live your life when you can hardly move is no easy feat.

She also said that C-sections are one of the “… few major operations you’ll have where less than 24 hours after going under the knife, you’re hurled out of bed and sent for a walk and a shower.”

“You’ve got a child to look after woman, no time for laying around and feeling sorry for yourself. Brutal,” she said.

In the end, Sophie came to the conclusion that there is no easy way to give birth.

Each process comes with its hardships, difficulties, and of course pain, “but if everyone comes out of it healthy, happy and alive – who really cares?”