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22nd Apr 2017

Your baby at 18 weeks pregnant: Week-by-week guide to development


artichoke pregnancy image

Welcome to week 18 of your pregnancy! This week, your baby is as big as an artichoke. Here’s what else you can expect this week.

Your baby

At around 12cm, it’s about the size of an artichoke. Is it a boy or a girl? If it hasn’t been clear already, an ultrasound at this stage can usually tell you (that is, if you want to know). If you are keen to keep baby’s gender a surprise, have a look at these gems for some super name inspiration.

The baby’s little ears are now standing out at the side of their head, and your baby may be hearing external voices and sounds. This is a great time to have all the chats with little Miss or Mr Kick-a-lot.  Your baby will start becoming very active at this stage and you are

Your baby will start becoming very active at this stage and you are almost half way through your pregnancy.


If you haven’t already felt those first movements, you’re in for some excitement over the next couple of weeks. Your partner, however, will have to wait longer to feel anything through your belly.

As your growing uterus and shifting organs apply pressure to your diaphragm, you may start to have shortness of breath — especially when you sit down. Your nesting instinct will also be coming in waves.

If you think you might have a footballer on your hands with all those kicks, in which case check out these superb soccer baby names.

You may be wondering at this stage if everything you are feeling is normal. You need to have a look at these hilarious illustrations to give yourself a laugh. It also might be time to channel your inner designer; no better time than right now to start gathering nursery inspiration.

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