Pregnant? Here are the WORST foods for bump (and you) 5 years ago

Pregnant? Here are the WORST foods for bump (and you)

You are what you eat, they say, and when you are pregnant, this in many ways also extends to the baby you are carrying.

(Hence the reason you should lay off the mojitos, ya know)

Choosing the right and most nutritious food to eat when you are expecting is important, of course, but are you also aware of what foods you should be avoiding until after the baby is born? You might know that sushi is off the menu, but it doesn't end there, I'm afraid, my friends.

Here are a few more food options you should absolutely think about giving a pass until you are back to eating for one again:


Seafood with high levels of mercury

Shark, swordfish and canned albacore tuna are the biggies (literally) on the list of fish to skip. Mercury accumulates over time, and because these large fish live longer, they store more mercury in their flesh.

However, other fish, like cod, salmon, trout, catfish and shellfish, are great choices for both you and baby due to their high level of lean protein, B-12, and zinc, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, so make sure you don't skimp on including these in your diet.


While the majority of fish is great to eat while you are pregnant, you know by now that you should avoid anything that is served raw, right? The reason for this is because some bacteria can only be killed by heat and since sushi is served raw, there’s an increased likeliness for food poisoning.


Unpasteurized cheese

Don't worry, you don't have to completely ditch your cheese habit (Thank God!), just make sure what you eat has been pasteurised. Make it a habit to read labels, as even cheeses that normally have gone through the pasteurisation process, like feta or mozzarella, can sometimes be on sale as an unpasteurized version. Brie, camembert and blue cheeses are often best avoided. (Don't worry, you can soon indulge again!)


Deli meat

This might spell bad news for your lunchtime sambo, but cold cuts from the deli counter could actually be dangerous for you and baby. These meats can be contaminated with listeria — the only known bacterium that can survive at refrigerator temperatures of 40 degrees or less. And unlike other types of food poisoning, listeriosis, the infection caused by listeria, enters the bloodstream directly and can reach the baby through the placenta.

Pre-prepared deli foods in general

Before you drown your sorrows over having to miss your turkey sandwich in a bowl of deli pasta salad, be advised that some medical professionals are warning pregnant women to stay away from ALL deli counter foods as you don't know how long the food have been sitting there, if the temperature has been consistent and whether all the ingredients in a salad or dish have been pasteurized.

Raw bean sprouts

"But sprouts are healthy," we hear you object. In general, they are. The thing with sprouts is, they can, due to having been packaged in water as many are, harbour bacteria such as salmonella, listeria and E. coli. Yikes.

Venti-sized lattes

Nooooooo! Say it isn't so! Sadly, this one is true. Especially is you are suffering from high blood pressure or anxiety, as caffeine has been known to aggravate those conditions. Note: A couple of cups of coffee is fine according to the experts, just don't try to live on coffee and little else (like you normally would).


Raw batter and cookie dough

You should avoid licking the spoon when you are baking. Which, admit it, is the best part about the whole thing! The thing is, when dough or batter is raw, it can contain salmonella, which can cause serious illness.

Tell us, did YOU stay away from these when you were pregnant? Or do you think this is all a bit hysterical and didn't change your normal eating habits at all when you were expecting? Join in the conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie