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10th Apr 2016

5 Reasons Why the Pre-Baby Bucket List Really Doesn’t Need to Be a Thing

Sophie White

Recently, I’ve was intrigued to read a piece about the things to do before having a baby and was relieved to see that there was nothing on that list that having a baby put a stop to.

I used to get so irritated when I was pregnant every time some total stranger took time out of their busy schedule to tell me:

“Oh better sleep now because after the baby comes….”


“Make sure you wash your hair now because after the baby comes…”


“Better live now because after the baby comes your life won’t be worth living.”

Scaremongering is definitely an overused word, but if anything warrants the title, it’s this kind of nonsense.

Now I will admit that I’m only one baby in and also I’m definitely not very good at this parenting thing, but after the initial shock and adjustment period when I couldn’t seem to remember to put a bra on or where I’d put my baby (this only happened occasionally I swear) I eventually settled in and yes managed to even wash my hair and have a lie in.

5 Reasons Why the Pre-Baby Bucket List Doesn’t Need to Be a Thing:

1. The baby’s arrival will not utterly derail your life and keep you from ever having a bath again

There will be baths in your future life as a mother. The bath might be more crowded than before but it’ll still be happening.


2. There is literally only one thing I can think of that I can’t do now that I could do pre-baby – ONE!

Take risks. It’s the one thing I can’t do anymore. Pre-baby I wasn’t even a mad risk-taker but some of the sports I loved involved a degree of risk. I still do these things but now I play it pretty safe, I think it’s just not worth it.


3. Lazy pyjama days will not be becoming a thing of the past

If anything you’ll be doing more of this with kids around.


4. Me-time still happens

It just requires timing, careful calculations and quantum physics – like landing a spacecraft on the moon. In fact, the moon would make an excellent me-time location, very quiet up on the moon. I’d like to say there’s no way The Child would find me up there but that would be tempting fate.


5. The travelling post-baby is actually possible AND surprisingly doable

This is something I wish I had realised pre-baby. Lots of friends brought their new babies on planes while they were at their most portable while I was too scared to leave my house never mind leave the country.


Is there anything you think needs to be on the pre-baby bucket list? Tell us in the comments…