REVEALED... The most popular baby names in the UK for 2015 5 years ago

REVEALED... The most popular baby names in the UK for 2015

If you’re getting ready for the pitter patter of tiny feet but aren’t sure what you’re going to call him or her, this list might come in handy. (So might this Irish one, this festive one and this classic one - there's a LOT of names out there.)

Website BabyCentre has revealed the top 100 baby names - girls and boys - in the UK for this year.

Olivia claimed the number one spot for the girls, followed by Sophia, Lily, Emily and Amelia. Chloe, Isabelle, Sophie, Ella and Isabella rounded out the top 10.

While we think they're all gorgeous, we were a little surprised Charlotte (after Princess Charlotte) only made it to number 25. Then again, there's always next year!



As for the boys, Muhammad came in first (for the second year running). Oliver, Jack, Noah and Jacob were included in the top five.

These were followed by more classical monikers in the form Harry, Charlie, Ethan, James and Thomas.

Speaking about the findings, International Managing Editor of BabyCentre, Sasha Miller said: “While some parents still like to be creative in their choice of baby names, the most popular girls’ names are becoming increasingly concentrated on variations of a very small number of firm favourites.”

To see the full 100 lists – click here for the girls and click here for the boys.