TikTok star tries out weird pregnancy cravings 2 years ago

TikTok star tries out weird pregnancy cravings

Orange on toast, anyone? I'm buying...

Maybe skip this one if you have a weak tummy, because you're about to watch someone eat some naaaaaasty combos.

TikToker Mia Challiner's video series 'Trying Women's Weird Pregnancy Cravings' is a wild ride.

From chicken nuggets with honey to a whole, raw onion, she tries out some of the weird and wonderful things pregnant people crave.

Some of them end up being surprisingly tasty! Others, not so much.

Strawberry and salt anyone?

@miachallinerReply to @daniellemhoward is the last one even edible?? ##weirdfoodcombos ##imnotpregnant ##fyp♬ original sound - Adam Wright


What about PB&J on a mushroom?

@miachallinerReply to @avocadosandchocolate ive said this before but this one was by far the worst! ##imnotpregnant ##weirdfoodcombos♬ original sound - Adam Wright

Hmm... Nutella on a boiled egg doesn't SOUND that bad?! *takes pregnancy test*

@miachallinerReply to @marvelxbuteras I’m claiming this audio ? ##fyp ##imnotpregnant ##weirdfoodcombos♬ original sound - Adam Wright

Mia is currently on a whopping 13  'Trying Women's Weird Pregnancy Cravings' videos. Watch them all here.