A TikTok hack shows how partners can help a pregnant mum when her back is hurting 2 years ago

A TikTok hack shows how partners can help a pregnant mum when her back is hurting

I had dream pregnancies on both of my babies.

Zero morning sickness, zero swelling, zero tiredness – honestly, I have never felt better and had more energy and the only complaint I had was a bit of heartburn. I know – lucky!

I did, however, when I got close  to my due date, start to feel heavy and, especially towards the end of the day, feel like my back was stiff and sore – no doubt from hauling my enormous belly around all day!

At this point in your pregnancy, not much helps though, apart from rest – but then again, I often found that sitting for any length of time also made my back feel a little stiff.

However, a TikTok user has shared a trick that might give mums-to-be that elusive relief from the constant feeling of heaviness as their bumps grow bigger.

TikToker @daddynewb has videoed himself literally carrying the weight of his pregnant partner's belly.

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He carries some of the load using a simple technique, and the look on his pregnant partner’s face says it all.


The video shows @daddynewb standing behind his partner and embracing her belly.

“If you wanna do a favour for that pregnant lady, you’re going to gently lift her belly up, you’re gonna hold maybe 10-15 pounds,” he explains.

“And then when she’s ready, you’re gonna gently lower it back down.”

The video shows him lifting up her belly with his hands firmly under her stomach, holding it there while her body visibly relaxes, before gently lowering it back down

Other TikTok users tried the trick on their own pregnant partners or friends – and were excited to report the hack worked wonders:

User @sofiakougi, did it with her pregnant best friend — who shows instant pleasure on her face when she does it.

A doula @theneighborlywombwitch commented that it is actually a really helpful labour technique.

"This is really effective in helping baby engage during labour. Called an abdominal tuck. Do it through ten contractions," she suggests.