Wow! The incredible video that shows the impact pregnancy really has on your body 2 years ago

Wow! The incredible video that shows the impact pregnancy really has on your body

Everyone who has ever been pregnant can attest to the fact that it is the single most incredible thing your body has ever done.

Seriously; to feel your organs and skin actually stretch and expand to grow a brand new human; it will make you be in awe of your body in a way you have never been before.

And while hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it, now a new video reveals just how pregnancy impacts and changes your body as your insides make room for a baby.

According to MailOnline, the fascinating demonstration was created by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and shows the womb expanding and intestines and stomach becoming squashed as the pregnancy progresses.


Tracing the entire 40-week period of a pregnancy, the video shows a computer-animated woman's body from the side and tracks internal changes throughout the three trimesters – proving that it is not only a baby developing and growing, but also a mother.

Making the whole thing more interesting is the interactive dial, which lets the user skip between different stages, revealing snippets of facts like 'estrogen increases 1000x' and 'food cravings and aversions' or 'baby moves 30 times/hour' and 'muscles and joints loosen'.

According to the Illinois-based museum, this interactive content, letting you view the changes a mum's baby goes through from conception to the point of having your organs squeezed by a fully-grown baby, is some of the first high-definition material to illustrate the pregnancy process in accurate, biological detail.

Meaning, if someone dares to doubt your discomfort when you have reached the third trimester, you just dig out this video and show them – and ask how they would feel having their lungs and stomach squished upwards and bladder used as a squeeze toy!