6 Romantic Vintage Wedding Ideas Every Bride Will ADORE 3 years ago

6 Romantic Vintage Wedding Ideas Every Bride Will ADORE

There is no denying that vintage-inspired weddings continue to be a huge hit in Ireland and across the globe.

There is something utterly dreamy about the colour palette, the insanely pretty furniture, delicate lace and not to mention all those speakeasy-inspired cocktails that can (and should!) be included.

Here are 6 super vintage-inspired wedding ideas to give your big day that awesome whimsical vibe:

1. Your Dress!


Oh, the main event of the day, right? Vintage-inspired or genuine vintage dresses are so beautiful and are really flattering on pretty much every single body type. What's not to love about that?

2. The Invites


There are lots of cute vintage wedding stationary companies in Ireland to choose from, whether you go for something with songbirds, birdcages or lace embossed - the choice is yours!

3. Get Up That Aisle


There are tonnes of pretty decor options for your walk up the aisle - think vintage-style chairs (they don't even have to match!), pearl details on your floral pew-ends and pretty twinkling lanterns or mason jars adorning every available surface.

4. The Decor


Old bikes, typewriters, gramophones, cute vintage tea cups and saucers, birdcages, suitcases, old photographs, wheelbarrows, bunting.. there is no end to the number of vintage-inspired items that you can add to your ceremony and reception venue that yell, "Old school and fabulous!"

5. Flower Power


It's easy to get carried away and end up spending a fortune on flowers and floral arrangements at your wedding. But if you are planning a vintage-themed day, you need not go overboard. Colourful, wild flowers are the order of the day and rather than pay someone to do intricate arrangements for you, vintage flowers really belong in fab mis-matched pots and vases. Sure your bridesmaid could do that for you for free!

6. Let Me Entertain You


If you're going big on entertainment for your vintage wedding day, there are so many great performers and acts to choose from. Barbershop Quartets, jazz and blues bands, harmony groups - they are all available if you search online. The glamour of the act's costumes alone will be enough to ensure that vintage wedding WOW factor.

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