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02nd Dec 2018

Parents divided over this mum’s ‘genius’ hack for clearing her baby’s blocked nose

It does seem to work here...

Jade Hayden


Parents are divided about this mum’s hack for clearing her baby’s blocked nose.

A video depicting an unknown woman clearing her baby’s blocked nose using a syringe and some salt water has recently emerged on Facebook.

The trick has been called “genius” by some and “dangerous” by others, so how exactly does it work?

Well, the video depicts a mum and her baby who we understand to have a blocked nose.

The mum produces a syringe filled with salt water, injects it into one of her daughter’s nostrils, and it comes gushing out the other nostril along with a load of snot.


The trick certainly got the job done anyway and a lot of parents were only delighted that they now had a new hack to get their baby’s nose cleared.

“Think how much better she must have been able to breathe afterwards,” wrote one person.

“I had to do this to my adult son,” said another. “I told him he would hate me for what I was about to do. On the 3rd squirt this disgusting chunk of yuck came out and he could breathe again.”

Some people, however, were not too convinced that the trick was actually safe.

“This is not a safe practice,” said one user. “It can lead to choking and aspiration which could result in pneumonia. But what do I know? I’m only a children’s nurse.”

“I tried this once and nearly drowned,” said another.