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27th Mar 2018

This six-year-old’s TV weather report is the only news you need to watch today

So adorable!

Denise Curtin

“I’m not a actual meteorologist, but I do know my sight words.”

We have totally fallen in love, and keeled over laughing at this dotey little 6-year-old and his TV weatherman report which he made as part of a class project.

Carden Corts is from Nashville in Tennessee and when he was given the assignment of creating a weather project, he took it to a whole new level by enlisting the help of his dad (a digital video network studio director) to create the ultimate weather report.

His weather report, which is brought to you by Pokemon, is not only entertaining and hilarious – with the forever changing green screen, but also witty and actually well presented, could he be the next Martin King? Very possible.

The video which was published on March 21 has already been viewed 1.8 million times and we have watched it plenty of times, finding it more brilliant each time, take a look for yourselves below.

The video has also received tonnes of praise with people commenting: “OMG this is precious, I think I have fallen in love with this cutie.”

While another wrote: “This had me smiling and laughing non-stop. Great job young man!”

We are certainly seriously impressed. What a cutie!