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09th Dec 2019

Hilarious Facebook post comparing toddlers to The Gremlins is too true

Melissa Carton

Gremlins is a film often forgotten about when we’re all pulling out the Christmas movies.

Nevertheless the entire film is set at Christmas, complete with carols and Santa appearances, Gismo himself is even a Christmas gift.

Well as it’s now December, I decided to pull it out along with all of our other festive favourites and that’s when I noticed it. How Gremlins and toddlers are basically the same entity.

I wasn’t the only mum to notice either as only this week this post popped up in my homefeed and it’s hilariously true.

Created by NickMom, the post was shared by Happy Mum Happy Child and has gotten quite the response, with hundreds of parents commenting that they too have a Gremlin in their house.

I think the last two lines in particular will hit home with anyone currently dealing with the terrible twos;

When they’re cute, they’re unbelievably cute. When they aren’t cute, RUN. RUN SO VERY FAST.”

As the mother of a toddler, who yesterday pitched a fit after someone ate her chocolate (it was her, she ate it) I wish all the other toddler parents well dealing with their little Gremlins over the selection box, hyper induced Christmas period.

May the odds be ever in your favour.