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30th Dec 2019

I tried Eco by Naty chemical free nappies and it is now my new favourite brand

Melissa Carton

Parents are becoming more conscious of products that are environmentally friendly.

It’s not always easy especially when it comes to disposable nappies. Many parents have turned to cloth nappies in a bid to cut down on the number of nappies going to landfill but if you’re travelling or heading somewhere that doesn’t have access to a washing machine it’s not always possible to use them.

That’s where eco-friendly alternatives come in. I’ve been using cloth nappies on my daughter since she was a newborn but if I’m sending her to a sitter or going away on holiday I need to pick up disposable nappies.

Recently I needed to pick her up some pull-up style nappies and that’s when I spotted Eco by Naty in Boots.

Part of what caught my eye was that they were eco-friendly with even the packaging being a renewable material but I also noticed that they don’t contain any chemicals.

Most products like nappies and sanitary products contain chemicals which can cause skin irritation, especially in babies. My daughter has very sensitive skin so I was interested to see how different these nappies would be for her.

The results were pretty amazing. My daughter went from having irritated skin around her legs to having completely clear legs within a couple of days of use. The Naty nappies also hold a lot more liquid so she wasn’t getting raw skin on her bum either from overfull nappies.

The Naty nappies also feel incredibly soft. It was actually the first thing I noticed when I took them out of the bag.

Created in Sweden the Eco by Naty website says that they are made with 100 per cent certified bio and plant-based material, 100 per cent FSC certified pulp and are vegan certified.

If you’re wondering if they cost an arm and a leg the answer is no. The price probably varies by store but they were actually only a euro more than the other brands in Boots. They also lasted longer for me than other brands that I’ve used so they really are good value for money.

I would highly recommend Eco by Naty and will definitely buy them again. If you want to find out more about Naty’s nappies or other products by Naty you can by visiting their website here.