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28th Mar 2020

Virtual party: Here’s how you host your child’s birthday party during coronavirus lockdown

Trine Jensen-Burke

birthday party during coronavirus

To kids, birthdays are a big deal.

And rightly so – it IS an important day.

However, we are in the midst of a pandemic, and so while you’d normally invite the entire class around for a great big bash with pizza and party games, these kinds of parties just don’t fly right now. So what can you do? I mean; can you imagine anything sadder than telling your child there’ll be no celebration this year?

Because let’s face it, while we as adults understand the importance of social distancing, it can be tougher to explain this to young kids – especially when it comes to being told they can’t have friends and family around for cake and presents galore.

Well, mamas – fear not.

Here are three steps for hosting the best virtual birthday party – completely social distancing approved:

1. Send out invites

WhatsApp across the invite to granny, your child’s besties, auntie Mary in Boston – anyone your child wants to join in via tech, basically. Pick your app – Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, it doesn’t really matter; all that matters is that the people your child most wants to spend his or her birthday with, can see you all and that you can see them.

Note: If it’s a younger child, it might be a bit much to have everyone join in via devices, and so you might be better off keeping the celebrations to individual phone calls with the different party guests.

2. Go all out with decorations

Balloons, confetti, banners, you name it, these days, you’ll get your hands on it online. So go to town, spare no expense, and kit your house (or just party room) out for your child’s very first virtual birthday party. Even better? Decorate for it together, they might just love this nearly as much as they love the party.

3. Favourite foods

What is a party without party food? Nothing. And so with that in mind, let your child decide on the menu for the party. Don’t forget the treats – and the perfect birthday cake. Remember, candles can be blown out in front of all your guests who have video-called to see the party happening. Bonus? You can settle for a smaller cake than usual, as your guests won’t be eating any!

Want to go that bit further? Pre-arrange with all your ‘guests’ that they are eating the same food as you during the party. As in; if you are having pizza with the birthday boy/girl, wouldn’t it make it extra special if granny was having pizza too…?

Tell us – does YOUR child’s birthday fall these next few weeks? How are you planning to celebrate? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie