Stacey Solomon explains why she's sad baby Rex is growing up so quickly 5 months ago

Stacey Solomon explains why she's sad baby Rex is growing up so quickly

Stacey Solomon has said that she's sad her newborn baby Rex is growing up so quickly.

The Loose Women panelist and mum-of-three gave birth to Rex about one month early in June.

She has since spoken openly and honestly about her struggles being a new mother again, and the issues she has faced breastfeeding and bonding with her son.

Stacey shared a video of her son yesterday, saying that it was the first time she had dressed him in a baby grow that wasn't just a plain colour.

She also added that the rate he was growing at was making her sad.

"This is the first time Rex is wearing clothes that aren't a white, blue or grey baby grow," she said. "And I love it, it's adorable."

"Although, it does make him look like a really big boy, which is sad, but cute."

Stacey recently revealed the name of her newborn after much speculation from fans and just general people who are a bit nosy.

She said that she hadn't wanted to share his name until his actual due date, which was earlier this week.

"Rex Toby Francis Swash," she captioned the photo.

"Due today, born 23.05.2019 on my Mummy’s birthday. Rex because our boys think he sounds like a T-Rex. Francis is Joe’s Nanna’s name and Toby is my Nanna’s name.

"It's taken us this long to announce the name because for some strange, probably hormone and post birth related, reason I didn’t want to do it until his official due date."