7 ways to ensure your sleeping baby doesn't get too hot during the warm weather 1 year ago

7 ways to ensure your sleeping baby doesn't get too hot during the warm weather

Over the last while, many of us have probably felt a bit too hot while trying to sleep at night.

But while it might just be uncomfortable for us, for babies - it's not simply a matter of getting in a decent rest: being too hot can be fatal.

Which is why at this time of year, even in Ireland, mums of smallies should be really vigilant about sleep safety.

The HSE warns: "Overheating can increase your baby’s risk of cot death.

"A baby can overheat when asleep because of too much bedding or clothes or because the room is too hot."

Here are seven pieces of practical advice to consider:

1) Blankets

Don’t wrap your baby in too many blankets. Cellular cotton blankets are best as the tiny holes allow air to circulate. You can adjust the temperature by adding one or taking one away. Do not use duvets, quilts, or pillows.

2) Sleeping bags

If using a sleeveless baby sleeping bag, do not use any other bedding with it.  It should be low-tog, hood free, the correct size for your baby and conform to current safety standards.

3) Their little heads

Your baby should not wear a hat when being put down to sleep. Babies lose heat through their head so covering their head may cause your baby to become overheated.

4) Know what to look out for

To check how warm your baby is, look for sweating or feel their tummy - it should feel warm but not hot. Other signs include flushed, red cheeks, and fast breathing. Don’t worry if your baby’s hands and feet feel cool - this is normal.

5) Clothing

Do not overdress your baby - a nappy, vest, and babygro are sufficient and you should use less clothing in warm weather.

6) Illness

If your baby has a fever use less bedding than normal and seek medical advice if necessary.

7) Room temperature

Make sure the room your baby sleeps in is a comfortable temperature; not too warm or too cold. The room temperature should range from 16-20C - this might feel slightly cool to adults. Use a room thermometer so that you can easily check the temperature. Never place your baby's cot, pram, or bed next to a radiator, heater, or fire, or in direct sunlight.