This Dublin mum has created support kits for breastfeeding mums at children's hospital 7 months ago

This Dublin mum has created support kits for breastfeeding mums at children's hospital

This is incredible!

This Dublin mum has created special kits to help mums who have children attending Crumlin Children's hospital breastfeed their babies.

Jan Martin created the Pump Pal kits after being taught how to breastfeed her sick son by hospital staff after his heart surgery.

Martin supplied 100 test kits in June to Crumlin Children's Hospital, Dublin.

When speaking to RTE news Jan said part of the reason for creating the kits was to help mothers, particularly those who have travelled from outside Dublin, know that they have a support system.

I breastfed both of my children, successfully with my daughter and unsuccessfully with my son, so I know how challenging it can be and think these kits are a fantastic idea.

The Pump Pal packs include:

Reusable bag

Tupperware container

Mug, spoon and porridge sachets

Reusable water bottle

Travel size toiletries, lip balm, eye mask, earplugs

Photo keyring & small book to encourage bonding with baby

Breast pump cleaning brush & fairy liquid

Microwaveable sterilising bag

Advice leaflet on expressing breastmilk


Jan is currently fundraising to create another 100 kits and has reached more than half of her €5,000 goal.

A donation of €25 will provide an entire support kit for a breastfeeding mum and help to ease the stress that any parent of a sick child goes through.

Being able to breastfeed your child when they are going through surgery or medical treatment is a wonderful gift to give to any mother and if you would like to support Jan and her initiative you can find her cause on

Likewise, if you know a mum-to-be, creating a kit like this for her would be a wonderful treat and a welcome gift any new mum would love.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience and one that mums often find a lack of support in. If you know a breastfeeding mum make sure to let her know that she's doing great and that your there if she needs anything, even if it's just a cup of tea.