10 'EASY' Steps to Getting Away for the Easter Break 6 years ago

10 'EASY' Steps to Getting Away for the Easter Break

I'm always vowing to never bring The Child on a long car journey again... until I invariably forget this vital mantra and find myself 3 hours deep in a 7 hour car journey to the Granny's house, developing late-onset scoliosis from being permanently turned around, performing a sock puppet show to try and placate the testy toddler.

I know what you're thinking: Where in Ireland takes 7 hours.

Answer: Everywhere when my family's involved.


10 EASY Steps to Getting Away for the Easter Break:

1.  Think long and hard about whether or not this will be worth it

Decide to go anyway.



2. Prepare an assortment of dry car snacks

No sauces or anything sticky.

3. Assemble an arsenal of entertaining items to be thrown on the floor one by one

The smaller and more likely to become lost under the front seats the better

4. Start a row with your other half about 1 hour prior to departure

This is mandatory.


5. Do not enter the vehicle without first ensuring that you have a pounding headache


This will only intensify as the journey progresses, which will exponentially increase your relief when you finally reach your destination. Bonus.


6. Definitely, definitely plan an ambitious scenic route

There's no way this won't be fab. Three extra unnecessary hours in the car is every 2 year-old's dream activity right?


7. Plan an educational excursion during the scenic hell-route

Every child will feel rewarded by an hour long tour of Clonmacnoise, right?

8. Try to ensure that you are driving on what will inevitably transpire was the sunniest day of your trip


In fact, what am I saying "try" – whichever day you set off will be the best day of the weekend because that is a law of life.


9. Definitely forget something vital

Like spare Valium...


10. Decide on reflection that every minute of overheated, cranky, sticky car time was worth it

Then remember that there's still the drive home.


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What's your tips for entertaining the kids during car journeys? Let us know in the comments...