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19th May 2023

Dogitude: All you need to know about the biggest dog lovers’ festival at Causey Farm



A festival dedicated to our four legged furry friends is taking place next weekend at Causey Farm – May 27th & 28th.

Dogitude Festival will host a variety of activities for pups big and small and owners too, including a dog agility competition, a sheepdog trial, and several breed meet ups.

The festival took place in summer 2022 and was a big hit with the public and featured a food hall, live music and much more activities over the weekend.

It’ll be a great day out for you, the kids and your pups and tickets are only €5 for under 12s. Adult tickets and all other guests over 12 will pay €19 per ticket.

Dog events have become increasingly popular in recent years with similar events like pups in the park being set up as well.

A designated 25 acres will be provided for the guests of honour to play in, but they must remain on a short leash outside of this area for safety reasons.

The event will also feature a sport not often seen outside the States will feature in the day’s activities: the water sport of dock diving.

According to organisers this is “an exciting activity where dogs will be jumping for distance into a pool of water to see who can jump the furthest.”

Things will kick off at 12:00 pm and will continue for the day until 5:00 pm.

Get further information on all this weekend will have to officer on the official website here.


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