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03rd Jun 2020

Get ready to live like the stars because Lidl is selling an entire home cinema range

Anna Daly

home cinema

No more measly television screens for us.

One of our dreams has always been to live in a house with a home cinema. Having your very own home cinema means that you’ve not just made it, you’ve gone way past ‘made it’ straight onto ‘slightly excessive but still awesome’.

Ah yes, the not-so-humble home theatre.

We’ve been dreaming of one even more recently as we’ve been spending literally all our time at home and, admittedly, watching an unseemly amount of TV shows and movies. No regrets. Except the regret that we had to watch it all on a television screen, of course.

But no more. Because next Thursday, June 11, Lidl is debuting their all-inclusive cinema range.

The range includes a projector, a screen, and speakers. Plus all of those extra treats and drinks that are crucial for the ultimate luxury movie night, of course.

Just imagine – you set the screen up in your main room, or maybe even your garden, get yourself comfortable in your comfiest chairs, surround yourself with all the snacks you could need, and let yourself enjoy the wonder that is your very own private cinema. Unreal.

Did we mention that the project comes complete with Wi-fi screen mirroring and an integrated media player? Because it does. So you don’t have to worry about taking an age trying to figure out how to work it (flashbacks to school-day projector trouble).

Here’s a little look at the three pieces needed for this new-found life of luxury:

Phillips Neopix Ace Projector – €269.99 (the price may look a little steep but if you’re investing in a projector, you want to make sure it’s a good one – a private home cinema with terrible picture won’t do anyone any good.)

Sharp 180W Bluetooth Slim Soundbar with Subwoofer – €99.99

Celexon Projector Screen – €69.99

Then, of course, there are all the crucial cinema treats to perfect your big movie night such as Snaktastic Microwaveable Popcorn (€0.99), Mister Choc Chocolate Share Bags (€1.49), Gelatelli American Style Ice Cream Tubs (€2.49), and Gelatelli Mini Mix Ice Cream Cups (€3.99).

Or, if you’re having a movie night after the kids have gone to bed, you might want to pick up some Finton’s Gin & Pink Grapefruit, Sunrise Mojito, Sunrise Woo Woo, or a Deluxe Passionfruit Martini, all €1.49.

We are ready to live the rest of lockdown in our own movie paradise.