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20th Mar 2022

Irish TikTok user shares ‘secret’ trick to getting Ryanair flights cheaper

Trine Jensen-Burke

get Ryanair flights cheaper

Roll on city breaks and sun holidays.

We all love our holidays, but in the current climate with prices on everything from petrol to food and electricity skyrocketing, we are also all keen to save money wherever we can.

Lucky for us, a clever TikTok user has just shared a nifty hack on how to save up to €60 when booking baggage on Ryanair flights.

Cloda Scanlon, whose TikTok username is @Orangeobviously, recently took to the video-sharing app to reveal her method of booking two return flights with Ryanair that sees her save a significant amount of money.

@orangeobviously You might already know this but I wasn’t aware until now and I NEED to help someone else!!! ✈️ #BudgetTravel #EuropeanTravel #Ryanair #IrishTravel ♬ original sound – Clóda Scanlon

In the now-viral video, Cloda explained: “If you want to save between €40 and €60 on your next Ryanair flight plus that 10kg bag, then keep listening.

“So I almost paid €192 for my flights and instead for the exact same flight with the exact same amount of luggage I’m only going to pay €133.”

She then goes on to explain just how she did it, and while there is no actual secret to the money-saving tip, rather, you simply need to change the method by which you book your next flight.

Cloda explains:

“So go into the Ryanair app and do your usual – picking your flights, picking your dates, but don’t click continue” Clóda advises when you are on the ‘regular’ option, instead, she says, “go back to value fare and continue through, look at this, €13 for your 10kg bag.”

When you click continue, she reveals, you are brought to another page where you can manually add the 10kg back for just €13.

Impressively, this method sees her getting her baggage 50 percent cheaper than if she clicked through on the regular option.

Cloda explains:

“That’s instead of what was €22 per person per journey, so go with a small bag and the value fare, then go through to the end to the booking page” to click your 10kg option

Needless to say, her tip was hailed as brilliant by everyone, and thousands of people have been flocking to the post to thank Cloda for pointing this out and revealing just how it works.